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Many people try to climb out of their addiction on their own, and some believe that they are successful. It's important to remember what success is, however. Escaping addiction, people have been known to relapse 10, 15 or 20 years down the line; most relapse in the first two years. Success quitting light, short-term addiction to certain drugs may be possible without professional help; getting off a deep addiction to drugs and remaining drug-free even a year is an extraordinary feat, however, and is something no self-guided addict ever accomplishes. Success requires going about the process with professional help. If long-term sobriety is the goal, it is the way it works for most people. It isn't enough to simply decide to go to "rehab," however. It's possible to make that choice, and still come up short. If you aren't not make mistakes serious enough to jeopardize your move, you need to put in homework and research. It is something patients often hear about at this drug rehab in Harrisburg, PA.

Long-Term Treatment Equals Long-Term Sobriety

Short, 30- or 60-day drug rehab programs tend to be easier for rehabs to attract customers to than longer ones that last six months or a year. Yet, the longer a rehab program runs, the greater are the chances that patients will gain long-term sobriety. Treating an addiction isn't ever accomplished in a hurry. During drug detox in Harrisburg -- the period of pain, discomfort and health risk that immediately accompany a departure from active drug use -- does complete in 30 days or so; it only provides the addict with quick, short-term relief, however. For long-term sobriety, the patient needs to go with long-term treatment. It's important to never let any rehab tell you otherwise.

It's Important to Choose the Right Type of Rehab

According to at Columbia University's National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, only 10% those who need professional addiction treatment in Harrisburg get it, and only a small fraction of these lucky people actually find treatment that is consistent with modern medical standards.

It is exceedingly common to find rehabs plying obsolete science. They may adopt unnecessarily harsh, confrontational methods, use shaming, force and other unfortunate approaches to attempt to bring their patients around, and neglect to offer the psychiatric treatment to go along with addiction treatment, the way most patients require. This is far from modern medical science.

One of the best things to do is to look for certification in addiction rehab centers, board-certified health professionals and therapists with master's degrees, such as you might find at this drug rehab in Harrisburg, PA. Certification isn't enough by itself, either. Nothing can substitute for actual personal vetting. It's important to personally check out a rehab before you sign up, and ask questions that help you determine that there is quality medicine practiced.

It's Important That You Have a Support System

Addiction is both a mental and psychological disorder. This means that rehabs aren't like hospitals where they simply treat you, and then send you home. Rehabs are like "psychology hospitals." In most cases, changing the way the mind works requires therapists with friendliness, emotional support, genuine care, and often, a great deal of creative, out-of-the-box thinking. It is this kind of approach that truly helps addicts care about getting better.

Recovery from Addiction Is a Misnomer

Technically, you do go to rehab to recover from addiction. It isn't very useful to describe the process in this way, however. Escaping addiction requires that patients be willing to tear down the lives that they've built, and rebuild from scratch. It can be a very deep undertaking.

The very first step is to acknowledge the nature of the challenge on hand. When patients are not told that they need to forget about everything they've known and start from scratch, they tend to expect no more than a little work.

The truth is, from major psychological disorders to cognitive distortions and thought disturbances, addicts suffer from major problems of the mind. It's important to go in looking for a total rebuild. It's the only approach that works. It's a good idea to go to rehab that is justice ready for the work involved as you need to be.

Finding the Right Rehab

It takes hard work to find the right rehab, work that begins with truly learning about the rehab process. The more you know, the better your choices turn out to be. Call this drug rehab in Harrisburg, PA, to talk to experts. When you know what you're dealing with, it'll show in the choices that you make. Call now for help at (717) 220-7153.

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