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The phenomenon of addiction tends to be a mystery to most people. Why a person who looks reasonable, would want to destroy themselves in this way, is beyond them. Oddly, many addicts, themselves, have no idea why they do what they do, and often turn to urban legends, mythology and other unreliable sources of knowledge. There is some incredibly naïve information on drug users' forums on the Internet -- from dangerous combinations of medications to vitamins, hot saunas and the use of other addictive substances -- and they often use it, as well. The experts at this center for drug detox in Harrisburg, PA, have heard of all of them from patients, and know how important it is to put out good, authoritative information about the drug detox process that patients can actually use.

Personal Willpower Isn't Enough

When you stop using drugs, your body is assailed by cravings and very painful withdrawal symptoms. Both occur as a result of the long-term changes brought about in the brain by exposure to drugs. To the outsider, or even the uninformed addict, it can seem as if a little willpower is all that's needed. Many addicts will boldly claim that they aren't addicted, and take up challenges to prove it by staying clean of drugs for a period of time.

It's important to understand that even when such people do succeed for a while, these successes are still meaningless. Addiction actually does change the brain. On a very deep, primal level, it makes substance abuse feel like life-sustaining activity. Even if you do manage to stay clean for a year or two (which is extremely rare), it will always be a struggle. One day, the need to return to substance abuse will simply be too strong to resist.

Professional drug detox in Harrisburg and in the rehab treatment that follows allows addicts intensive therapy to help get past psychological failures, and learn new psychological techniques. This is an important part of what makes professional addiction treatment in Harrisburg far better than treatment done at home.

See that Detoxification Is More than Quitting

The most that a person can do attempting to quit drugs at home is to stop taking them, and to soldier on through the cravings and pain. There is a lot that they cannot do, however. It is impossible for the person attempting talks at home to watch for dangerous withdrawal symptoms, and medicate themselves. They cannot diagnose themselves for the psychiatric disorders that are exceedingly common among addicts, and treat themselves. In many cases, they cannot find the emotional support that they need to get through their very difficult time.

Detoxification is the first step to a long and difficult journey out of a very complex disorder. It cannot be done without professional help.

Mistakes Can Be Hard to Recover From

The slip-up of succumbing to cravings and returning to drug use in the middle of a detox attempt is not the only danger involved. In many cases, addicts relapsing will return to their normal dosage, and because drug rehab in Harrisburg will lower their tolerance, they risk overdosing.

Often, coming by the medications needed can be a challenge. Even if they do wish to detox at home, they still need benzodiazepines, antidepressants and other such medications to deal with the withdrawal symptoms. Since no doctor would ever prescribe these for a self-directed detox effort, they are often forced to look to illegal sources. Not only can this be dangerous, it puts them back in touch with drug pushers.

Often, addicts live with romantic partners who tend to be addicted. If the detox effort is done at home, that there is very little by way of healthy influences health to help them.

Before You Make Up Your Mind, Speak to an Expert

Even if you truly believe that you should detox at home, alone, you should at least speak to a real expert in addiction medicine. At this center for drug detox in Harrisburg, PA, experts often have these conversations with addicted people. They often find that addicts live in their own echo chambers, never having aired their views on addiction and detox to anyone. It's when they speak to true experts that they begin to see the ways in which their reasoning might contain mistakes. Finding a drug detox treatment expert to talk to can make all the difference. Call now for help at (717) 220-7153.

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